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In today's economy it is difficult for traditional artists to compete with more nimble fingers and computer-generated graphics. I now devote my time to writing and fund-raising for non-profits, neither of which earns me a dime, but it's good karma. Hope Village, a local tiny-home community for the chronically homeless, is one such venture.

Hope Village

If you are already a reader of Travels with Buttercup then you'll understand I am not motivated by greed; but times are getting more difficult so I'm asking for help. As you can see, the page is not loaded with ads; not only that but I'm giving something back in addition to witty banter.

As my way of saying Thank You please select one of the prints or photographs to the right and I will send a high resolution jpeg, suitable for printing or as a screen saver. Any jpeg for any donation level.


DETAILS: The original paintings and photographs are by Andrea. Folk art prints are 8"x10" except for the Rooster, which is 6"x6", including mat area. The screen savers average 2032x1500 pixels and are 300 PPI. Please note that different computer screens might display the images with slight color variations based on calibration.

DELIVERY: An email address, NEVER SHARED, is required to send the jpegs. If you choose not to accept a gift, thank you for your generosity!

All copyright and reproduction rights are retained by the artist. Artwork may not be duplicated or reproduced otherwise without the express written consent of the artist.



Contribute safely using Paypal or bank cards with my thanks!

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Please write down the Title of ANY jpeg you would like as your gift.

JPEG: Floral Print Blue

JPEG: Floral Print Brown

JPEG: Lighthouse

JPEG: Rooster

High Resolution

JPEG: Caribbean Sunset
Parguera, Puerto Rico

JPEG: Caribbean Sunrise
Parguera, Puerto Rico

JPEG: Dolphin at Play

JPEG: Winter Lake

During the checkout process, include the Jpeg Title and address to send in the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS box.

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